So I can’t believe that my baby boy is about to turn ONE in just a few weeks. Time flies way too quickly especially when there’s a baby running around – & yes he’s literally been running since 10months!

I’m trying to get myself organised with family travelling from overseas so have been thinking and planning for a while & here’s the invite design I’ve come up with.

As a typical boy, my little man loves driving things whether it’s got wheels or not so I decided to go with a planes, trains, automobiles theme.

So far my ideas are to:

– Have cardboard cards for each little child to wear & drive around
– Traffic light coloured bunting
– Lots of child friendly food
– A road as the babies enter and collect their cars
– A train tunnel borrowed from the local play centre and lots of other toys / cars scattered around
– A car & train cake of course!
– Traffic light biscuits

and I’m sure I’ll think up lots of other stuff but if you’ve got any ideas please post your comments, am always up for more!

If I can help you with your first birthday invites or any other event materials please contact me! Would love to help!